Two Weather Impacts That Indicate Your House Needs Repainting

Posted on: 28 February 2022


For many years, the Queensland tourist campaign slogan was, "Beautiful one day, perfect the next." With over 300 sunshine days per year, it certainly is the sunshine state. However, the flip side of Queensland's weather is ferocious summer storms that bring strong winds and torrential rain. Over time, Queensland's weather certainly impacts all buildings in the state, both residential and commercial. As a new Queensland homeowner, it is essential you know how the weather will affect your home's paint. By being aware of potential future issues, you can spot them early and organise a house painter while the problems are at their smallest. Here are two weather impacts that indicate your house needs repainting.

Faded Paint

As previously mentioned, Queensland is known for its many sunny days each year. Anti-fade paint is available to purchase, but excess sunny days will shorten its lifespan. Faded paint affects the curb appeal of your home when you wish to resell in the future. Additionally, paint fade may not be uniform as not all sides of the house get the same amount of sun every day. A patchwork of faded colour paint is also not visually appealing.

To address a faded paint issue, you need a repaint of the home to bring it back to uniformity. When discussing colour and paint choices with your house painter, listen to their advice about colour and sheen as these choices will impact future fading issues. For example, a semi-gloss exterior paint fades slower than a matte finish paint because it reflects more sunshine rays. The UV rays are why the pigment breaks down and wanes, so the more UV rays are reflected, the longer it takes for the paint to age.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is another common paint issue caused by weather. However, unlike faded paint, any peeling paint must be quickly addressed as it is detrimental to the health of your home. When paint cracks and peels away, you lose the protective barrier that paint provides your home's skeleton. A loss of protection means water may penetrate your timber framework and lead to rot. There are several reasons why paint peels and cracks and the humidity is the weather-related cause.

Queensland has many humid days during the summer months. The framework beneath your paint absorbs the humidity moisture over time. As the framework expands and contracts, absorbing and evaporating this moisture, it moves. This movement is the cause of cracking and peeling paint. When discussing paint choices for a humid climate, listen to your house painter's advice on the timing of your paint job. Painting your home outside of the high humid months gives it the chance to cure sufficiently before intense moisture levels arrive again.

When you see faded, cracking or peeling paint, contact a local house painter as soon as possible to discuss repaint options.