See When You Should Contact Painting Contractors to Repaint Your Home

Posted on: 23 February 2021


The colour and quality of paint you get for your house's exteriors determine the home's overall curb appeal and value. Paint does more than make your home beautiful because the right type of paint will also protect your siding and fascia boards from harsh weather elements. When the paint starts deteriorating, your home becomes more prone to water damage and other related issues such as mould development. You need to continually watch your paint's condition and determine whether it needs repainting or not. 

Here are three typical indicators that it is time to call in painting contractors to replace your paint. 

When the Colour Starts Fading

The first reason to paint a home is for the sake of its appearance. However, the exterior gets exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun at all times. These rays wash out the colour from all surfaces. As you plan to repaint the home because of fading, it is essential to note that bold and dark colours fade faster than their lighter counterparts. 

You can compare the existing paint on the wall to a sample of the original one to see how much your walls have faded and then decide whether it is the right time to repaint. A painting contractor will help you choose a shade that will work for you.

When the Paint is Cracking or Peeling

Cracked paint signals the beginning of a more serious structural problem in your home. When the paint starts cracking and disintegrating, the wall gets exposed to water, wind, dust, and other harmful elements. Eventually, it will lead to severe structural damage to your home. Repainting the house every two years is a little cheaper than dealing with the expensive cost of remodelling and restoring the home once it is completely damaged.

When You Have Water and Mould Stains

Water and mould damage are the most common indicators that your paint has suffered damage for a while, and your home needs repainting. It could also be a sign of a bigger structural problem in your home, such as a leaking pipe and other plumbing issues. Clogged gutters, cracks in the wall, and leaking roofs can also lead to stains. When you call in the painting contractor, ensure that they check any other developing problems before repainting your home.

It is crucial to call a competent painting contractor for the repainting project. With their help, you can protect your home from damage and improve its overall curb appeal.