3 Ways to Ensure a Commercial Painting Project Delivers Impressive Results

Posted on: 29 July 2020


No commercial painting project is a small feat. Whether you are planning to paint your restaurant, office, warehouse or dental office, you need to plan the painting project properly. If you want your commercial painting project to succeed, get some experienced and skilled painting contractors to handle it. Most commercial painting projects become overwhelming when proper preparation and a professional approach are overlooked. However, you can carry out a successful commercial painting project by doing the following.

Create a Comprehensive Plan

Most of your business operations will be interrupted when the painting job begins. However, you can create a plan that will ensure the painting project doesn't affect your business negatively. As the office or commercial building owner, you should develop a step-by-step painting plan depending on certain aspects like occupancy. 

For instance, when painting a restaurant, store, dental office or general clinic, you may create a plan that will help you do it during the summer breaks and weekends, over the holidays or even at night. For other facilities like the hospitals and hotels, a rotating plan should guide you. Here, the painters may first paint the unoccupied areas.

Stick to High-Quality Paint

The paint you use will determine the timeline and cost estimates of the painting project. High-quality paint dries faster and leaves impressive finishes on the painted surfaces. For this reason, you shouldn't choose low-quality paint simply to bring the painting budget down. Always think of what your customers will say when they see the painted surfaces. 

When you use high-quality paint on your commercial building, you minimise repairs and inconveniences to your employees or tenants. Moreover, the paint film from quality paint is more durable and makes any future painting project more manageable. To achieve a durable paint film, most professional commercial painters first prepare the substrate properly before they apply the paint.

Get Professional Painters to Conduct a Walk-Through

Where possible, have several meetings with the painting contractors to find out how successful the commercial painting project could be. After painting the commercial building, let the painting experts inspect the job to see if they need to rectify anything. 

Final inspections are critical because they help find out if all the specifications of the commercial painting project were met. Moreover, most painting contractors give their paint maintenance recommendations during the walk-through phase.

Proper attention to any commercial painting project is critical. Where possible, you should see the end of the painting project before it begins. So if you want to invest in a successful commercial painting project, craft a comprehensive plan, use quality paint and get an experienced painting contractor to handle and inspect the project.

Reach out to a professional who provides commercial painting for more information.