Residential Painting: Different Finishes You Can Consider For Your Interior

Posted on: 27 February 2017


When selecting paint for your home's interior, you have to keep in mind that it is not simply about choosing the cheapest can available to you. Instead, you need to take note of the finish of the paint to ensure that it will meet your individual requirements. A rule of thumb to follow would be that the higher the paint sheen, the shinier it will. Additionally, the shinier the paint, the easier to maintain as well as the higher its durability. Below is an outline of a few of the different finishes that you could consider for the interior of your residence.

Satin paint finishes

If you are looking for a paint finish that has a softer texture to it, then you may want to consider a satin finish. It is also one of the finishes that are easier to keep clean, making it suitable for high traffic spaces. One thing to note about a satin finish is that it will accentuate any flaws that are on your walls such as brush strokes that are not uniform. Therefore, it would be best to have a professional contractor paint your walls for you when using this finish so as to prevent a botched appearance. Nevertheless, once the paint has dried, it provides you with high durability and a smooth, velvety finish.

High gloss paint finishes

If you are looking for the most durable paint finish, then high gloss options would be the most ideal for you. These types of paint finishes are characterised by being ultra-shiny. They also have a tendency of reflecting light, making them great for space where you would like to enhance the illumination. Lastly, the high gloss finish is also quite hard, therefore it is less likely to acquire chips over time. High gloss finishes are great for areas that come into regular contact with handprints such as on cabinetry, in kids' rooms, on doors and even on your wall trim. They are also a suitable option for rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom that are exposed to high moisture conditions.

Semi-gloss paint finishes

Another paint finish that is ideal for areas that are exposed to constant wetness is the semi-gloss finish. If you are on a budget, this would be an ideal alternative to high gloss finishes, as this type of finish tends to be more affordable. Semi-gloss finishes are also great if you are looking to paint over splashbacks, as you will easily be able to clean off grease, grime and an array of other types of grime.