Residential Painters | Craft A Sparkling All-White Colour Palette In Your Bedroom With 3 Tricks

Posted on: 25 October 2016


Your bedroom may be a sanctuary for some much-needed rest, but you probably also want it to look dazzling for your own personal delight.  If you think that all-white colour palettes seem dull and boring, think again! A repertoire of modern white paint hues have been introduced in the market to enliven any room with their brilliant sparkle and shining lustre. This note is designed to help you craft a sparkling all-white colour palette in your bedroom using some great tricks.

Incorporate Multiple Hues To Design Stimulating Texture

White can seem boring if you simply use a single shade throughout the bedroom, so your best option is to incorporate multiple hues of white to design stimulating texture. You can work with different whites like eggshell, ivory, vanilla, cool white, warm white, antique and much more. These multiple hues infuse both texture and depth into your bedroom to boost visual interest. For instance, you can incorporate ivory shades on two opposite walls and eggshell shades on the other two walls to give your bedroom a break from monotony by staying within the same unicolour scheme. You can then use contrasting furnishings to incorporate additional dimensions seamlessly to your bedroom space.

Feature Accents With Different White Hues For Aesthetic Appeal

All-white is often regarded as a bit of a snooze fest, but you can debunk this perception by featuring wall accents with different white hues for boosted aesthetic appeal. Patterns and accents instil aesthetic allure into an all-white colour palette because they inspire additional creative dimensions in your bedroom. For example, an ivory floral or geometric accent over a plain white wall can boost the aesthetics of the wall with better interest, while taking away from the dullness of plain white.

Punctuate With Shades Of Soft Colour For Decorative Borders

An all-white bedroom inspires soft and inviting appeal, but you can add an extra element of interest when you punctuate shades of soft colour for decorative borders. This idea is meant to infuse an additional dimension to ensure that your all-white bedroom doesn't get too monotonous over time. Soft, neutral colours like creams, beiges and taupes work well when you're looking to punctuate your wall borders with different colour. For example, an ivory wall with a decorative border trim in a cream or beige shade can shape a whole new layer of charm for your bedroom.

An all-white palate doesn't have to be boring if you make the right decisions. You can either plan these ideas for a DIY painting job or you can work with professional residential painters, such as those found at Dyson Painters.