Residential Painter | 3 Colour Choices To Design An Exciting Living Room Palette

Posted on: 7 June 2016


If you're in the market to paint your living room, then you'll obviously want to make smart decisions with your residential painter to give your living room the best possible appearance. This guide equips you with some colour choices to help you design an exciting living room palette with your residential painter.

White For Your Living Room Ceilings

When it comes to choosing a colour for your ceilings, you cannot go wrong with a classic white because this allows you to match any type of colour palette in your living room. Keep in mind that stark white may look too out of place in a room, so you may want to choose cool or warm whites depending on your planned colour palette. Cool whites have subtle undertones of blues or blacks and work well in rooms with similar shades. Warm whites have delicate hints of brown or red and work well in living rooms with earthen décor.

Neutral Shade To Dominate Your Living Room Walls

Choosing a neutral shade as your dominant wall colour is an excellent idea for infusing brightness and life into your living room when you work with your residential painter. By using this neutral shade to dominate your walls, you can easily blend in with your existing décor. Cooler neutral shades like greys and soft blues tend to go well with similarly decorated grey and blue furniture, while warmer neutral shades like beiges, creams, off-whites and tans work great in living rooms with earthen or timber-finished furniture. You'll also love the cosy effect of these shades because of the airy and light finishes they present for your living room.

Bold Colour To Create A Feature Wall In Your Living Room

Bold colours for creating feature walls are ideal when you're looking to create an exciting colour palette in your living room. Depending on your dominant neutral shade, you can choose paint colours for your feature wall with your residential painter. For instance, if you have an earthen colour palette in your living room, then colours like red, rust and orange are good choices for feature walls. If you have a toned-down grey living room, then a bold blue or grey feature wall will work well to make a statement and to infuse character into the space. Staying within the same colour family prevents you from cluttering your living room with too many colour choices.

Follow these colour choices when you work with your residential painter to design an exciting living room palette.