Residential Painters | 3 Ideas To Coordinate Wall Paint Colour With Your Curtains

Posted on: 19 May 2016


Wall paint colours have an intimate relationship with your curtains, offering unparalleled aesthetic value when you get it right. Establishing a seamless matching or complementary effect is not only pleasing, but it can also give your room luxurious appeal by accomplishing your desired finish. Curtains and wall paint colour add depth and interest to your room, so consider these ideas when working with painters to coordinate them in your room.

Use A Monochromatic Colour Tone For A Cohesive Finish Throughout

Establishing monochromatic wall paint colours to curtains will create a matching effect to give the room a more spacious and cohesive finish throughout. A monochromatic theme involves the use of single colour tones in different shades for uniform texture. The idea of matching your wall paint colour and curtains stems from the fact that singular colours open up the room, while multiple colour choices give it a crowded appearance. For an elegant finish, you should ideally have the painters use wall colours in a shade lighter or darker than your curtains for a cohesive and uncluttered room appearance. For instance, if you have beige curtains, you can choose a lighter shade or darker shade of the same beige shade for monochromatic appeal.

Make Sure Your Wall Paint Has A Bit Of Colour From The Curtain Pattern

Having patterned curtains in your bedroom or living room is a great way to infuse enthusiasm into the space, but it can also leave you perplexed when it comes to choosing wall paint colours. When you have patterned curtains at home, it's ideal for you to choose wall paint with a bit of the curtain colour for neat appeal. For instance, if you have floral patterned curtains in off-white, red and green, you can choose an off-white wall colour. Keep in mind that the wall paint colour doesn't have to be an exact match to the specific colour on the curtain, but it should be close enough, since the eye perceives it as a constant colour. 

Bring Wall Colour Neutrality To Bright Curtains

Bright curtains provide a depth of excitement in any room they adorn, but choosing a similar wall colour shade can make the room appear too loud and garish. Instead, get your painters to temper this brightness with neutral wall colours for a toned down look. For instance, if you have bright blue curtains, you can use neutral shades of beige or off-white. By choosing neutral wall colours against bright curtains, you can create a subdued and elegant look for your home.  

Synchronised wall paint colours and curtains can give your home unmatched aesthetic appeal, so use these coordinating ideas when working with residential painters.